Making Our Mark
Four prominent Dutch museums unite under one visual identity


We worked with the Wereldmuseum, a group of four prominent museums in the Netherlands, to create a fresh and consolidated visual identity. The four spaces are bound together by challenging our understanding of each other through diverse, human stories, and we used this as our core inspiration in the creation process of building the identity. Our aim was to elevate what they stand for and highlight the inherent desire in all of us to make our mark.

To announce the unification of the four museums and to create a future proof brand, we created a WM logo which lends itself to movement, offering the opportunity to communicate with the audience in engaging and memorable ways. The adaptability of it makes it possible to use offline and digitally, encouraging the audience to connect with the brand. Bringing it to life in motion, it has the ability to reflect the diversity of the audience and the different exhibition subject matters.

Having motion elements woven in was a way to redefine the overall look and feel of the Wereldmuseum. We wanted to show both a feeling of joy and excitement as well as an invitation to discover more. These elements are especially apparent in our digital-out-of-home.

Making Our Mark Making Our Mark Making Our Mark

The idea to add layering was to further amplify the message that the four museums are part of the same group. The different names peel onto one another giving the impression that there is always more to see. It also adds a practical value, making it clear that the previous museums now all live under the Wereldmuseum. Within our static work, these layers are communicated through our use of different brushstrokes.

Making Our Mark Making Our Mark Making Our Mark Making Our Mark Making Our Mark Making Our Mark

To launch the brand identity, a campaign landed in cities across the Netherlands and included digital-out-of-home, out-of-home, paid and organic social, and spreads in national newspapers.

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