Share the Epic
Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone just got more epic

Samsung, 2023

In this Samsung campaign we wanted to hero the people who make the most of the latest flagship smartphone in the Galaxy S Series – the generation of people who are always sharing pictures and videos, thanks to the superiority of the Galaxy S Series. Because when life is truly epic, you want to share it.


Presented during the 2023 Unpacked event in San Francisco, these 7 films highlight how the different device features such as Nightography and Gaming Performance amongst others, generate social currency for the owners in their daily lives by making everyone else around them look on with envy and admiration.

We worked with Director duo Los Perez to bring a dynamic energy that matches the epic tech of the S23. Kurdish-British model and activist Deba Hekmat is cast as Mia, who becomes her group’s unofficial photographer because of her unrivaled ability to capture details of the dark in a whole new light. We follow as her friends, her followers, and everyone around her praise the stunning shots and videos that she captures in incredibly low light. They can’t help but ask, “Can you send me that?”

The S23 user is celebrated as the champion of their gaming world. Gaming is not a single player mission, it’s a social event and when it comes to sharing that experience, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is quite literally a game-changer. The film features two gaming legends – a world-renowned gamer, Faker,  and a newly released racing game, which was previously only available on PCs and Consoles, but is now on mobile thanks to the power of the S23.

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