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Global campaign celebrates and elevates creators from around the world

Samsung, 2021

In 2019, we all learned that the Galaxy A has an awesome screen, an awesome camera, and long-lasting battery life. In 2020, we took a step further by giving everyone first-hand experience of how the awesome features of the Galaxy A actually work. This time (2021), the campaign is a celebration of all of the awesome things people do when they have access to great smartphone technology.


The young generation of content creators don’t just take technology at face value; when their optimism meets their hands-on improvisation, they create the behaviors, memes, crazes, dances and music that inspire the rest of the world. They aren’t just future smartphone buyers; they are where the future is created. So instead of only speaking to these global creators, we collaborated with them.

They don’t want brands selling them innovation; they want to be innovation, so we celebrated elevating the awesome creators and communities from around the world who are pioneering and remixing what smartphone technology can do for them. Like The Critics, a troupe of Nigerian teenagers making sci-fi movies on their smartphones.

The 30-second ‘Official Launch’ film (above) brings together creatives from all around the world to collaborate and build an exciting and dynamic mosaic inspired by the Duet chains and culture of co-creation on social platforms. They start with one piece of footage and encourage other creators to join and add something to the story, forming an endless mosaic that builds a strong sense of connection with others around the world – the new phenomenon of global culture sync in action.

The film takes the viewer from a Bangkok tattoo artist Parangew, to Jonathan Neguebites dancing on a beach in Rio, to a twins rap duo Ain’t Afraid in Michigan, to the first Nigeria’s skate crew Wafflesncream, to Vogue choreographer Alina Ryzhkova in snowy Kiev, to Kurdish-British model and activist Deba, and so on. The ride is accompanied by a remix of the iconic techno banger that highlights the awesome benefits of Galaxy A: “Awesome screen, awesome camera, long lasting battery life”.

In addition to the Official Launch Film, and using the same mosaic technique, we made six 15-second feature films that highlight the features of the Galaxy A72, A52/A52 5G and A32 to help people express and share their creativity: Camera & Water resistance, Security, Battery, Storage, Display & Performance, 5G.

The ‘Why Galaxy A’ film was specially created for the Samsung Galaxy Awesome Unpacked in 2021 to reaffirm Samsung’s commitment to bringing awesome technology to everyone.  This anthem film takes us through a global choir of creators showing what they can do with a Galaxy A in-hand.

We also created two elaborate Official Introduction Films that dive into the great new features of the newest Galaxy A72, A52/A52 5G and A32 that help creators build and participate in global culture. Hawaii-based MaysMemes lends her oversized jackets to show off the display while Hydroman, an underwater dancer from India demonstrates the new water resistance feature. The alien Lil Mayo, who made an appearance in the 2020 campaign, even makes a comeback to showcase the extended camera features.

The campaign launched globally, including in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Spain and South Africa and played out via a range of assets across TV, digital and social.

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