Awesome is for Everyone
This global campaign gives you an awesome first-hand experience of the Galaxy A phone

Samsung, 2020

In 2019, we all learned that the Galaxy A phone has an awesome screen, an awesome camera, and long-lasting battery life. This time, Samsung wanted to go one step further and give everyone a first-hand experience of how these awesome features actually work.

We created a campaign that virtually test-drives the Galaxy A. ‘AWESOME is for Everyone’ features a series of films making viewers feel as if their own handset has been taken over and they witness a fast-paced trip through the phone, fuelled by footage from content creators all around the world.

The hero film (above) is a rollercoaster ride through different phone features and social media platforms that takes us from paparazzi aliens to surfing cats, from game characters playing baseball with meteorites to an ad within an ad. The spectacle is accompanied by a thumping electro banger that makes you chant along to the lyrics: “AWESOME SCREEN, AWESOME CAMERA, AWESOME BATTERY”.

Additionally to the hero film, here below are seven 15-second feature films that highlight the phones main features (screen, camera, battery, toughness, storage, security, performance power) that further highlight why this phone is so awesome.

To help position the phone as a go-to device for Gen-Z, the campaign was brought to life in collaboration with real content creators including Lil Mayo (an alien), Let It Happen (dance group), Big Heath (musician), Audrey Nuna (musician), John YuYi (visual artist), Pablo Rochat (media artist), Neko Chan (content creator) and Steven Pascua (dancer and creator). One of the main drivers of the campaign is music, and all tracks were created by different “bedroom” producers all over the world.

Since the production took place right in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions meant that the footage was all shot remotely and on Galaxy A phones. It was important to have an even more planned and technical approach to the animations and investigate what was possible to create on the device itself, as this had to be incorporated with the footage captured during the remote shoot.

To fully experience the Galaxy A, watch these films on your phone.

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