More Together (Germany)
Celebrating the power of community within Facebook Groups

Facebook, 2019

Following the debut of the More Together campaign in the US, we’ve launched an integrated German campaign which also stars real Facebook Groups and their members. With four films, out-of-home and print executions this campaign invites people to find the Group that’s right for them. 

The ‘More Together’ film features a range of Facebook Groups that reflect modern Germany, from Vegan Bodybuilders to hands-on Dads and practitioners of Filipino Martial Arts. We followed the Groups deep into Bavarian caves and high up to the rooftop beehives of Berlin to capture people coming together for the activities they are passionate about. To emphasize the idea that together we can do more, we combined sounds from the different Groups to create the track for the film: a recreation of Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’.

In ‘Mechanic’ we hero a vintage car Group whose advice and support helps a woman to restore a classic Audi Quattro that has a special significance to her. Our track is of a similar vintage to the car: ‘Ohne Dich‘ by German rockers Münchener Freiheit.

‘The Date’ is the story of Bella, a one-eyed pug who learns to swim with help from a Hamburg-based dog-lovers Group. But in a twist, rather than featuring the Group members, the posts and messages throughout the spot look like they come from the dogs themselves.

Christmastime in Germany is soaked in tradition and nostalgia. But to avoid the clichés and stand out visually, we took our Christmas story 8,000 miles away from Deutschland. Based on real stories from Facebook Group members, in ‘A Perfect Christmas’ we meet a homesick family in South Korea, who reach out to a local Expat Group for help in baking up a taste of home. The film sees a father and daughter follow tips from Group members on their quest to find the ingredients for a classic German Christmas stollen cake in the backstreet markets of 21st century Seoul. 

The films were accompanied by out-of-home executions underlining that whatever you’re into, there’s a Facebook Group out there for you. It was shot by a German-speaking duo renowned for their group portraits: Ursula Sprecher and Andi Cortellini. Each execution featured actual Facebook Group members (and their actual bikes, dogs and bumps) in their natural habitat across locations from Hamburg to the Alps.

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