Group Effort
Facebook hands its TVC media to Corona-fighting Groups


Facebook was created to connect people. So when Germany found itself the epicenter of the Coronavirus crisis, the first question we asked wasn’t what the brand could say, it was how it could help provide the practical utility people needed. 

Infection rates increased and strict lockdown measures were imposed, but Germans remained calm and inventive. And they began turning to Facebook Groups to help one another. From groups helping business owners digitize their operations, to groups for pregnant women who were worried about giving birth, to musicians offering free ukulele lessons – the surge in initiatives was inspiring and hopeful.

And it’s why we handed our TVC media over to these groups, so they could spread their message, reach a wider audience and help even more people. Each 20-second commercial was written, starred-in and shot by the group admins themselves, using whatever they had at hand – phones, laptops, selfie sticks, their children. All we did was provide them with the platform.

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