Engage Your Mbappé Mode
More fast is more fun

Nike, 2021

With this campaign, we wanted to encourage kids to add speed to their movement to have more fun and to set their imaginations free. To do it, we invited them to tap into their inner Mbappé… AKA to ENGAGE MBAPPÉ MODE.


In the 60 second film, we see the same scene, with the same kid, during the same game, ENGAGE MBAPPÉ MODE, over and over. Every time he does, we go inside his head and an imaginary Mbappé increases the kid’s speed like changing gears in a car.  With every gear shift, the scene gets faster and faster, setting the kid’s imagination free, making the game not only faster but funner. And funner. And FUNNER!

Further to the film, a microsite was created and kids were invited to submit their videos Engaging Mbappé Mode with the help of an adult doing their favorite activity, showing that “more fast is more fun” not only applies to football, but to all sorts of movement.

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