This tender campaign reminds us that some things taste better together


The best moments in life, the most magical, are the ones we spend with the people we love. This campaign for Milka Biscuits reminds us to switch off our devices more often and spend quality time with our loved ones, because some things taste better together.

Brothers, the film at the heart of the campaign, follows the coming of age story of two brothers and their unbreakable bond told through the eyes of the younger one, Max. As Max witnesses his older brother grow into adolescence and lose interest in their once revered activities, he decides to rekindle their bond with a little magic and some Milka Biscuits. The film narrative aims to relay a tender message in an understated way, encouraging viewers to go back to basics by setting devices aside and connecting with loved ones.

To further encourage families to spend more time together, we also created ‘The Little Book of Big Activities’; a booklet filled with fun, non-digital ideas, like how to build a 5-star blanket fort, which customers could pick up when purchasing Milka Biscuits in-store. Additionally, animated online and social ‘How Togetherness’ tutorials featured the beloved Milka Biscuit Jars characters encouraging families to make the most of those precious tender moments.

The Little Book of Big Activities

How Togetherness social tutorials

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