Supporting small local businesses we love and miss

May, 2020

As Covid-19 brought our world to a grinding halt, the effects of this global pandemic has forced us all to embrace a startling new normal overnight. With people working from home and local businesses on a mandatory hiatus threatening their survival, many are struggling to envision the proverbial light at the end of this dark tunnel. We wanted to do our part in helping to lift spirits locally, with a campaign that gives the people of Amsterdam something to look forward to, while supporting some of the small, local businesses we love and miss.


Like the rest of the world, here in Amsterdam we’ve had to get used to a different way of living and working since the lockdown. Our morning coffee run has become a stopover at our home espresso machine that always sounds like it’s just one cuppa away from an explosion. Lunch with colleagues at our go-to brasserie has become another culinary experiment we whipped up before our next Zoom call. Our daily workouts have become a plea to “play inside”, and our dinner dates have become picking up take-out and finding a playlist that woefully attempts to recreate the vibe at our favorite restaurant. All the while, we are desperately missing those places we used to think of as our second homes, and they are struggling to survive, unsure if the lockdown will result in their doors being shut indefinitely. 

‘Till We Meet Again’ is our way of inspiring hope among locals that brighter days will come, and encouraging support for the small local businesses who need it in order to survive this challenging time. 

Beginning on our IG Stories and extending to printed posters in and around Amsterdam, we’re showing our love to a few of the local delights we used to depend on for our morning brews, and afternoon broodjes, Sunday pilates sessions and pints in the sun. These ‘love letters’ aim to capture the essence of what we adore about these places, inform locals of their offerings during quarantine, and encourage support.

Wherever you are in the world, we hope that this will inspire you to show some love and support to your own local small businesses. At the very least, perhaps just take a moment to let them know that you can’t wait to walk through their doors again in the hopefully not too distant future.

Below are just some of the businesses we miss and which feature in the campaign, along with the ways to support them during these uncertain times.

Cafe Binnenvisser: Order take-away or book a future reservation 

Kingfisher Cafe: Put in your takeaway order now

The Movies: Check out Cineville to support local cinemas

Tromp: Put in your online order now

Yerba: Order take-away or book a future reservation

Tjin’s Toko: Order groceries online 

Bluebirds: Find out about online classes 

Skatepark NOORD: Help by making a donation on GoFundMe

Studio191: Try a free IGTV workout and make a donation 

Radio Radio: Enjoy live music online 

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