Stories Are Everywhere
Celebrating our everyday moments and interests through the lens of Instagram Stories


Instagram Stories is a unique tool to share whatever you’re experiencing whenever you’re experiencing it. And although we are all different, our lives do have some similarities. We wake up, have breakfast, go to work or school, and run around doing the best we can till the sun sets.

We celebrated these similarities and the everyday moments and interests of Instagram’s diverse global community in the second phase of ‘Stories Are Everywhere’, which first launched in April ‘17.

Stitching together Stories from all around the world and inspired by the way the Instagram community uses the platform to communicate, a series of short films illustrate how diverse, creative and exciting daily life on planet Earth can be. Shot and edited with Instagram Stories and creative tools, the films aired globally both on and off platform.

Whether reluctantly waking or commuting dozily, the work demonstrates that there is more that connects us than divides us.

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