Launching IGTV
Showcasing what is possible for a whole new generation of vertical eyeballs


Instagram is a lot of things to a lot of people. A personal storytelling tool, a source of inspiration, a stage for self-presentation, a documenter of life’s highlights, a canvas for the in-between bits, a nurturer of community, an engine for connection. But, users want more. More immediacy, more conversation, more laughs, more nonsense, more creativity, more from the creators they love.

Enter IGTV. A place for vertical, long-form, personalized content. That reimagines the standard 16:9 viewing experience format and flips it on its head.

To launch the new channel, our approach was to make a virtue of vertical in communications. To prove how even the best content gets even better in 9:16. That smaller is indeed better. And to show how IGTV allows users to get closer to the people and things they already love on Instagram. Closer to creators, closer to interests, closer to the fun.

In addition to a long-form film, we created a series of short idents that give a taste of the visceral, eclectic, condensed world of content of IGTV. We set the tone for the channel, we worked with creators to showcase what was possible, and grew a new generation of vertical eyeballs.

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