I’m Open To That
Celebrating the infinite possibilities we have when we open up

Samsung, 2021

Samsung believes in the promise of technology to open things up, and believes that the more we open up, the more awesome we become.


We created ‘I’m Open To That’,  a manifesto film communicating its brand philosophy: Life Opens Up With Galaxy. It’s in creating innovations such as foldable smartphones that open up limitless possibilities; open experiences that are flexible and customisable; and, that make the best of what the Galaxy series has to offer available to all – whoever you are and wherever you are. 

Premiering at the Samsung Unpacked event in August 2021, the aim of the film was to bring the brand philosophy to life. To show that it’s more than a campaign line. It’s a state of mind. A mantra or an affirmation of all the awesome things that can happen to us, if we just expand our minds, brains, hearts and ears to all that surrounds us. It’s a celebration of the infinite possibilities that present themselves to us when we let our pioneering spirit take the wheel and floor it.

And what better way to celebrate all that life has to offer than with a song and dance. The ultimate full-throated film follows the bear-turned-man-turned-zombie-turned-woman-turned-whoever they want to be, as they go about dancing with penguins, learning new languages, popping aliens and taking a big bite into the delicious wonder of our world…and beyond. Proving that life is that more interesting when we just…open up.

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