Galaxy A52s 5G
Creators bring gaming into real life

Samsung, 2021

We collaborated with Samsung to create a global campaign focusing on the creative potential of connectivity and performance that come together in gaming. To celebrate the synergy between the gaming culture and social media, we teamed up with a community of content creators to help bring the Galaxy A52s 5G campaign to life.


The campaign centers around three snappy 15-second online films which are a collection of universal gaming tropes such as the funny run of an in-game avatar, the ammunition that lands a few meters ahead of us just in time, the fight for loot, the sneaky attack by an opponent when you’re about to win, and so on. Each film highlights a key feature of the mobile device: performance, speed and water resistance.

Anna Himma, a rockstar director for music videos, added extra zing and style to the films, making them a part of the awesome Galaxy A world. And in true Galaxy A fashion, each film is accompanied by a banger created in collaboration with Estonian rapper Tommy Cash, highlighting the awesome benefits of the device.


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