Join The Flip Side 2
A horror-inspired campaign shows the joys of embracing the new

Samsung, 2023

 Switching phone brands is not that scary, we promise. Our new campaign for Samsung Galaxy riffs on classic teen horror to show people that giving in to their fascination with innovation is nothing to be afraid of. 


This campaign builds on the success of the award-winning Join the flip side film (2022) which imagined the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 as the object of obsession in a psychological thriller.

Inspired by the well-documented social phenomenon that people often move with the crowd in fear of being the first to try something new. Samsung wanted to show that if you take the step to go beyond that fear you might discover something that better fits your needs.

The film opens on five friends hanging out at a lakeside camp. One of them tells the tale of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: once you see it, you can’t get it out of your head. Initially dismissive, the others notice a guy pulling out his Flip and, in true horror style, one by one they fall under its power.

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