Join the Flip Side
Global campaign calls on people to give into their fascination with innovation

Samsung, 2022

During September – one of the biggest months of the year for the mobile industry – we launched Samsung’s global campaign ‘Join The Flip Side’ using the moment to emphasize the point that once consumers see real innovation that challenges the limits of the smartphone category they can’t unsee it. 


Encouraging consumers to switch from competitors who sell them virtually the same phones every year flashing incremental innovation, the message of this campaign reflects Samsung’s ethos of openness and invites consumers to ‘Join the Flip Side’ – where groundbreaking innovation is evident in its technology’s revolutionary new foldables range.

Smartphones are part of pretty much all of our everyday existence. Our lives are uploaded to these little rectangles and their operating systems feel like second nature to us.

We’re so familiar and comfortable with the status quo that switching, regardless of its real benefits, feels unfathomable.

The pressure to keep up with our friends’ tech game can also play heavily on our minds, so taking a leap into the unknown of a new smartphone brand can be a scary prospect.

The campaign plays with this struggle as it’s centered around a dramatic film whose protagonist, Elena, is an everyday smartphone user who becomes mesmerized by the unique movement of her friend’s brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. As she desperately tries to put it out of her mind, determined not to switch from her existing device, everything appears to take on the Flip’s unique form as the world folds and flips around her. The more she resists, the more extreme these visual reminders become, before finally she surrenders to the inevitable: trading in her phone for the irresistible Z Flip4.

Join the Flip Side Join the Flip Side Join the Flip Side Join the Flip Side

To further bring the capabilities of the device’s flexible format to life through a humorous tone we created five shorter films. They aim to grab the attention of potential switchers by asking Don’t you wish your phone could…gallop with horses in a wild savannah, downward-dog on a bespoke Z Flip4 yoga retreat, do an intense sit-up workout, slide snugly into pockets and even bow to an expectant theater audience.

Many people rationally know they want to switch but there is still a social inertia to taking the plunge, so rather than gloss over these barriers, together with Samsung we tackled them head on (with a good deal of self-awareness), by embracing the people who proudly say they’d “never switch to Samsung” making them feel seen and understood on their emotional journey of switching. After all, changing people’s perceptions starts with doing something they wouldn’t expect from you.

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