A planetary rover destined to explore the best planet we know - Earth


From the moon to Mars, for decades, humanity has sent out rovers to explore the places we couldn’t. But for most people, the real undiscovered planet is our own. To encourage people to explore the best planet we know we created Earth7 – a planetary rover destined for earth.


Earth7 Earth7 Earth7

Developed for S7 Airlines, one of Russia’s biggest carriers, Earth7 was revealed in Moscow as part of an interactive experience. Combining cutting edge space technology with simple gesture control, users could maneuver the unique rover and explore the remote secret location thousands of miles away where it was situated. Seated in front of a huge screen transmitting Earth7’s live location, participants were able to remote control the 75kg aluminum machine with just a flick of the hand thanks to a high-speed data connection and kinetic armband.


Each participant driving the rover had the opportunity to win return tickets for two to any S7 destination worldwide, if they could collect three samples of life on Earth. From jamón to kite-surfing, over 50 samples were rendered on top of the rover’s live video stream in a dynamically generated gaming interface to encourage players to explore the terrain. With these samples randomly generated each game to ensure a unique experience per player, each pilot had 90-seconds to find their first sample, followed by a minute to find the second and, if successful, another minute to find the last and win a golden ticket. Representative of a different destination that S7 flies too, these samples of life on Earth served as a reminder that from famous attractions to experiences, there are so many amazing things to discover on our own planet when we travel.  


Developed in partnership with ISD Group – an experienced team of robot technicians, experts on new technologies, programmers, engineers and industrial designers – Earth7 is part of ‘The Best Planet’. Our latest integrated campaign for S7 that depicts the best planet we know from a surprising perspective to awaken the senses and inspire Russians to travel.

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