The Kennedys: JINC
Children in the Netherlands become the boss of tomorrow


On January 24, two hundred children took over the jobs of Dutch CEOs, directors and politicians as part of the fifth edition of ‘Baas van Morgen’ (Boss of Tomorrow).

Arranged by JINC, a non-profit organization fighting inequality amongst young people, the annual initiative sees primary and secondary school pupils growing up in an environment with a socioeconomic disadvantage, experience what it is like to lead a business and learn from the inside how a company, municipality or cultural institution works.

Along with the likes of Philips, TomTom, Shell, the Van Gogh Museum and the municipalities of eight Dutch cities, we were one of the companies involved – with our Managing Director, Blake Harrop, handing over his job to 16-year old Boss of Tomorrow, Justin.

Furthermore, our creative accelerator The Kennedys created the initiative’s new visual brand identity and 2019 campaign. This included a bold film manifesto about the value and power of children’s unique perspectives, followed by a series of corporate portraits and a wrap up film, all of which feature kids who took part in the program. In order to activate the social channels of JINC’s network of partners, more than 200 social assets were created and shared with the 150 companies involved.

This yearly event aims to draw attention to the unsettling fact that if you’re born in a neighbourhood with high unemployment in the Netherlands, you’re less likely to succeed in the job market. With the support of the Boss of Tomorrow partners, JINC hopes to change this and bring positive change for the next generation.

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