5 Minutes More!
A playbook uncovers the joy and importance of play in both children and parents

Nike, 2022

As part of our ‘Sport is Never Done’ campaign, we created a children’s playbook encouraging both parents and children in the Middle East to play sports.


In the early 2000s, the Middle East region had some of the highest obesity and diabetes rates in the world. In response, in 2010 the government got involved by helping to increase sport participation, including physical education in schools for the first time ever. Now, there is a generation of parents that grew up without sport and a generation of kids who love sport, but can’t get permission to play from their parents because sport is seen as a distraction  from more important things.

Only available in the Middle East, ‘5 Minutes More!’ is a legacy piece made and designed to encourage the conversation between parents and kids on the importance of sport beyond the main campaign.

5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More! 5 Minutes More!

The main character, Aisha, asks her mom for 5 minutes more to play on the playground. Tentative at first, she allows Aisha more time to play and, encouraged by her daughter, Aisha’s mum ultimately comes to experience the joy and importance of play and sports.

The book is an interactive experience that allows both parent and child to take turns reading dialogue, roleplaying as both mother and daughter. Aisha and her mom. It also offers 2 language versions in 1 book – if read from left to right it is in English, and if turned to its back to read right to left, it is in Arabic. Both versions include a page to make a plan to play at the end, encouraging families to take their lessons from the book to the streets, bonding with each other to play.

In addition to 5000 physical copies, the book is also available in a digital version. Bolstered with sound effects and animation, the digital experience broadens the reach of the story.

Both physical and digital versions of the book are available only in the Middle East.

All illustrations by Alva Skog.

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