Sport is Never Done
Kids in the Middle East challenge parental misconceptions around sports

Nike, 2022

For Nike Middle East, we created ‘Sport is Never Done’, a campaign challenging parental misconceptions around sports and societal expectations on children, helping families in the Middle East to move more and to move better.


The region-wide integrated campaign focuses on kids, their parents, and the lifelong benefits of playing sport. Rolling out across the region throughout October 2022, the campaign is supported by a number of resources specifically designed to educate parents, motivate children, and help them unleash their full potential through playful movement.

Directed by ALASKA, the hero film ’Rise of the Kids’ puts the kids’ playfully imaginative vision of sport into the spotlight. Featuring a variety of sports, and active children from across the Middle East region, this 90-second joyful rebellion empowers kids while addressing head-on popular parental misconceptions to physical activity.

Sport is Never Done Sport is Never Done Sport is Never Done Sport is Never Done

The out-of-home posters explore the various life benefits of different sports, alongside playful and iconic imagery of some of the athletes featured in the film.

Sport is Never Done Sport is Never Done Sport is Never Done

Another exciting extension of the campaign is the free storybook, which invites parents and kids to discover the benefits of sport together by combining interactive storytelling with practical advice on how to ‘plan for play’. From 15 October, the complementary hardback book will be distributed in communities across the Middle East, and it will be available to download as an eBook.

At The Nike Store in the Dubai Mall – the biggest in the world – an immersive retail experience helps kids discover their Play Powers while offering recommendations on the types of sport that may be suitable for them.

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