You’re On
Celebrating the feeling that a pair of Ray-Bans give you


In our global campaign for the iconic sunglasses brand, ‘You’re On’ celebrates the way we move about life with a pair of Ray-Bans on. Because when we feel we’re at our best, when we’re on, we handle whatever life throws at us in our own unique way. 

Through social and in-store visuals we championed characters in their element, Ray-Bans on, being the best version of themselves.

While in the films, we put a spotlight on Ray-Ban clad characters as they navigate through life in ways only they could pull off. 

From a pinball barfly bashing her way through a game with pure intuition and style, to a group of friends defying gravity and logic by bobbing their broken down car up and over a hill, each asset reminded the audience that with a pair of Ray-Bans on, the best way is always your own. 

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