Write The Future
Giving football fans a glimpse into the future

Nike, 2010

One goal, one pass, one game saving tackle can be the difference between fame and forgotten. What happens on the pitch in that split second has a ripple effect that goes beyond the match and the tournament. Our ‘Write The Future’ campaign demonstrated this ripple effect while giving fans a glimpse into the future to see what the players were really playing for.

“The World Cup has been won and the winner... is Nike.” The Telegraph

We launched the campaign on social media, and then the film aired worldwide on TV during the Champions League Final (2010). We kept the conversation fueled with a constant supply of content on Facebook and in print, outdoor and retail. Finally, we used social media to light up the sky in Johannesburg, with fans’ headline predictions being beamed in 16 languages onto one of the biggest skyscrapers in the city.

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