What The Football
A campaign that celebrates incredible female football players

Nike, 2023

Women’s Football has never had more attention. Every day there’s a new headline, opinion piece, interview, documentary, viral post, or glossy brand campaign. It’s a world yesteryear’s players could have only dreamed of. It would be easy to be fooled by all the hype. But Nike recognized a fatal flaw. One that would prevent the game from ever growing to its full potential: when the world talks about women’s football, they talk about everything but the game.


For the most anticipated Womens’ World Cup in history, Nike wanted to make sure each of its female footballers was famous for their game and given their overdue flowers. As such, we worked with our Portland and Shanghai offices to create an epic global campaign that energizes the incredible momentum in women’s sports, celebrates the icons of women’s football, and inspires a whole new generation of players to play like them.

Within the wider campaign, we created three anthemic spots highlighting an athlete and what they bring to the game, with the goal of making them household names. The films were created to mimic the athlete’s personality and style of play resulting in genres ranging from a mesmerizing horror film with Sophia Smith, dreamy heightened reality with Sam Kerr and high-octane action with Ada Hegerberg. To tie these together with the other 4 spots, we then created an anthem film showing people how women’s football is the most exciting sport on the planet.

What The Football What The Football What The Football
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