This Is Living
Live more moments that matter


With a vast majority of our lives spent inside, ‘This Is Living’ reminds us to go outside to live more moments that matter.


By tapping into the universal desire for freedom, the global brand platform builds upon Corona’s existing iconic world of sand, salty water and sun, but now delivers it in a more emotional and sensorial way. Feeling the salty water dry on your skin. Pressing your bare feet into the sand. The sensation of the sun on your face. Outside is where our best side shines through and where we live the moments that truly make you stop and think, “this is living”.

Through hyper sound design and evocative imagery, every creative element of the campaign takes a viscerally inclusive approach, transporting viewers outside and into the moment. 60-second ‘The Flow’ taps into how visceral an experience getting back to nature can be. While ‘Lime Ritual’ is a visual depiction of Corona’s ritual around the lime; juxtaposed against a woman plunging into the sea, the film draws a parallel between the lime and the woman each on their way to the ultimate refreshing experience.

A series of 15-second product films focus on the bottle and leverage the unique transparency of the product using it to frame life moments that truly matter in a visually compelling way. Out-of-home executions feature both active and relaxed moments, and aim to serve as a mini-vacation from normal life for the viewer. Running as outdoor, print and online, the executions also feature the new screen printed bottle introduced in the films.

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