The Importance of THE
Exploring what it means to be THE whisky


To attract new consumers, rather than focus on distant achievement or the small details of craft and heritage, we elevated the status of The Glenlivet – widely recognized as the definitive single malt whisky –  to the celebration of the definitive experiences that make our lives truly rich.

Following up on our brand repositioning campaign, which connected The Glenlivet to the timeless human aspiration for unforgettable experiences, we produced a film to answer the question: what does it mean to be THE whisky?

The Glenlivet had always taken up a defensive position in the category and made it about being the first, the originator, the one and only, when in fact, what makes The Glenlivet THE whisky is in the definitive pleasure it provides. A unique taste experience that is the sum of the many definitive ingredients, THE glen, THE river, THE master distiller to name a few, all of which are what make The Glenlivet, THE definitive whisky, and a source of definitive pleasure since 1824.

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