Still Going Strong
Celebrating the resilience and ingenuity of people in Facebook Groups


Building on Facebook’s More Together global campaign, we created a 60-second TVC for Germany, inspired by the behaviour of Facebook Group members as lockdown measures came into force across the country due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The film highlights the spirit of those who’ve continued to share their passions in Facebook Groups as best they can despite the situation. From a DJ carrying on the party from her kitchen, to a climber literally climbing up her walls, to a fitness fanatic demonstrating how his kids are an effective replacement for barbells. And all set to an original soundtrack with a crescendo performed by real members of the ‘Digital Concerts’ Facebook Group.

It’s a fun testament to the inventive, wonderful – and sometimes weird – ways in which people have been able to not only carry on with their lives, but thrive when coming together in their online communities.

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