Someone’s Working in the Lab
Facebook Reality Labs is introduced with a film that explores the future of human connections


The reservoir of human potential is infinite. This belief drives Facebook Reality Labs (FRL) to create technology that breaks any barrier that divides us. Technology that looks to expand what’s possible for all of us – deepening human connections to help unlock everyone’s potential. Technology that doesn’t alter the basic fundamentals of our humanity, but instead, complements and enhances it.

In close collaboration with the FRL team, the film ‘Someones’ Working in the Lab’ was created to help announce their vision to the world. 

The poem that is driving the film explores human connections of all kinds. It highlights how all of us, all over the world, are in one way or another dependent on each other. How the work of those in the Lab may influence people’s lives and how people’s needs influence the work of Facebook Reality Labs.

Launched at Facebook Connect, the film is visually told through a perpetual movement forward – a journey into the future we’re all working for.

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