Visit Earth
The first-ever travel show for Aliens


Earth is an amazing place, full of incredible things. But being human, sometimes we tend to forget how awesome our planet really is. Enter ‘Visit Earth’, the first-ever travel show for aliens.

Celebrating and promoting our planet in all its glory, the six-part comedic documentary series (think Planet Earth meets Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), aimed to convince extraterrestrials to visit our planet and perhaps, in the process, remind the good people of Earth that we have a pretty great home worth exploring.

Created for Russian carrier, S7 Airlines, and dedicated to the themes of Nature, Food, Parties, Art, Sport and Love, the episodes (each around 12 Earth minutes long) introduced viewers to these topics, as if they’d never experienced them before.

Working with director Mackenzie Sheppard, we travelled the globe to unearth obscure stories like Italian cheese bowlers and Icelandic nudists to entice our alien friends. Merging this real travel footage with graphics, comedic narration and even commercials explaining things like gravity, air and food made of dough, to create the series.

TV, cinema, social, OOH, radio and digital activations drove over 35 million Russians to an online hub, where they could watch the episodes and create travel guides for aliens to be in to win airline tickets. To actually invite aliens to Earth, the episodes were also beamed into space with a RT 7.5 radio telescope and a specially developed transmitter. The signal is expected to reach exoplanet Gliese 581c in 20 years.

To make sure Earthlings and aliens outside of Russia could also enjoy the travel show, we translated it into English. Watch all six episodes HERE.

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