Part-Time Heroes
Confronting illegal activities on the high sea


Our short documentary for Sea Shepherd, an international, non-profit marine conservation organization, shares a heartfelt message that our oceans and its inhabitants are dying from overfishing and habitat destruction.


In recognition of Sea Shepherd’s 40th anniversary and the ongoing achievements of the crew and volunteers, ‘Part-Time Heroes’ challenges the perception of stereotypes around the organization and sheds new light on its identity and actions. While also serving as an opportunity to project the voices of those brave volunteers who put themselves on the front line to fight illegal activities.

Created with The Kennedys and directed and edited by Quentin van den Bossche, the documentary is an immersive experience of life at sea and of fighting poachers. Putting viewers at the heart of the organization, the film shares with the audience that Sea Shepherd is made up of everyday people who are concerned about the World’s oceans, and reminds viewers why we love and need the ocean. 

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