Paraíso secreto
Escape the urban jungle and step inside our hyper sensorial immersive VR paradise


To inspire people to spend time outside and live more moments that matter, we created a secret paradise in the heart of one of the most hectic, overpopulated cities in the world: Mexico City. Stripping away the surrounding concrete jungle, ‘Paraíso Secreto’ combined theatrics, VR technology and interactive set design to immerse visitors into a natural mirage – alluring them away from the stresses of urban reality and pulling them into a secret paradise.

The immersive VR installation simulated a journey through a jungle to a beach, aiming to awaken the senses and create the feeling of being completely immersed in nature – an important reminder as we now spend approximately 95% of our lives indoors.

Upon entering the Paraíso Secreto location and following a series of interactive moments with characters in a stylized urban bar setting, visitors gained access to the secret paradise via a hidden door camouflaged as a Corona vending machine. Each was then equipped with HTC Vive wireless headsets fitted with a leap motion controller and guided through the four-minute experience by a Hummingbird Host, who served as a virtual chaperone.

To heighten the realism, sand, heat, wind and even scents, allowed visitors to feel real-world elements as they travelled along a virtual path – this mixed reality experience seamlessly combining the digital and physical world, to effectively trigger the brain to truly ignite the feeling of being in Paradise.

Created with our Dept. Of New Realities and in collaboration with The Mill London, ‘Paraíso Secreto’ was held at the Gral Prima in Mexico City across two weekends, where over 3,000 people experienced the secret paradise including local influencers, contest winners and members of the public.

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