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Fan driven stories connect with Amazon Music offering

Amazon Music, 2022

We collaborated with Amazon Music to produce a global campaign where we reflected on what has been defined as the fandom phenomenon: once you’re a fan of something, there’s a boundless excitement to want to share that with those around you, creating new journeys of fandom for all.


Whether you’re a die-hard fan, or you’re just discovering something for the first time, it’s truly better to be treated like a fan. And, Amazon Music ignites that fandom.

The campaign features 3 distinctive elements of fandom: Fans themselves, real fan voices, and fans’ expressions of their fandom through art.
The fan films have an eclectic collage approach native to fan culture. They utilize a medley of different visual languages — from 3D graphics, gifs, stop motion, and handmade art — to create a tapestry of authentic fandom.



Our anthem film ping pongs between multiple fans as they drop knowledge and dish on the genres of music and podcasts that they love — from Brazilian Funk to Japanese Punk, and even unsolved murder.

Our display/DOOH acts as an homage to a fan behaviour we’re all familiar with: fan-art.

Through expressive and dynamic illustrations, different artists like Phoebe McCaughley, Justin Maas, German Gonzales, Kasiq Jungwoo Lee, Caz Latham, Candice J Garrett, Willam Child, Saitemiss, Temi Coker (Atrbute) (among others ) designed illustrations for each of our musicians and podcasters to capture their spirit and vibe.

Have You Heard? Have You Heard? Have You Heard? Have You Heard? Have You Heard? Have You Heard?
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