Get Ready For The Best 2.0
A content series that prepares you for the unexpected

Allianz, 2023

In the second iteration of the ‘Get Ready for the Best’ brand campaign, we wanted to prove that when you’re prepared in life, you’re able to take advantage of opportunities you didn’t see coming.


After a first chapter establishing the idea of Get Ready for the Best, Allianz wanted to expand what “the best” could mean and look like for everyday people (with a focus on women and Gen Z) but also for athletes, in light of their partnership with the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

Through these informed, short, but intriguing stories, we follow the protagonists as they get ready to do one thing, but are presented with other opportunities that they’re able to take advantage of thanks to being prepared. 

For instance, we portray the story of a wheelchair basketball player who prepares to be the best on the court. But in the end, strong arms and a love for playing is the best preparation to also become a mother. Or  the story of a young woman going on a solo trip, only to meet someone in the end that makes her reconsider her plans–thanks to travel insurance, those plans are easily changed.

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