Galaxy Z Flip 5
We went back to the 2000s to introduce the newest addition to the Galaxy ecosystem

Samsung, 2023

Capturing the attention of celebrities and popular culture with its unique design and personality, the flip phone was once a staple. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 brings back the flavor of this era – oozing retrofuturism and end of century coolness.


Directed by music video royalty Jenn Nkiru , the film nudges its viewers to shift the expectations of their current phones and dream up how much fun they could have on the flip side.

Bringing a modern twist to the very latest in foldable technology, the campaign highlights the many benefits, bespoke personality, and the extra-ness of the phone including its large Flex Window screen, its customization capabilities, hands-free video and camera and its uniquely pocketable size and design.

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