First Night on Us
A generous invitation to travelers from France and the UK to see a new side of their own country


Whether caused by a divisive political narrative or the unrelenting pace of modern life, today many in France and the UK are disconnected from the richness and diversity of their own country. Airbnb believes there is no better way for people to resolve this than in a home and community that offers them some new perspective. This could be as simple as experiencing a different rhythm of life in the sleepy area of the Ardèche or a conversation with a stranger on the coast of Northern Ireland that you’ll never forget.

In September 2019 we launched the ‘First Night on Us’ initiative which centered on Airbnb offering to cover the cost of one night in selected towns and villages across both countries. This unprecedented offer was the first of its kind by the brand allowing people to get out there and discover the kinds of hidden gems that don’t traditionally experience the benefits of mainstream tourism.

Things kicked off with a rallying cry delivered across cinema, social and digital out-of-home by an Airbnb Host to their fellow countrymen and women. Over a four-week period, additional social films shone a light on the selected destinations and invited prospective travelers to visit Airbnb at a specific time to secure a limited number of free nights.

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