Epic User Manual
How-To series by users for users

Samsung, 2023

To bring Samsung into their audiences’ orbit, we needed to belong in their world. So for the latest Samsung Galaxy S Series, we created The Epic User Manual.

A user manual made by users.

Gen Z expects brands to be on social. But successfully appealing to them requires a strong POV, as well as a deep understanding of how they like to be reached. 

Our task was to bring Samsung into the heart of Gen Z social culture and behavior. So in order to carve out an ownable, yet relevant space for Samsung, we focused on creating social entertainment out of the epic tech in the S23: every last feature, detail and innovation. 

We crafted a channel strategy centered around platforms where Gen Z are seeking inspiration, education and surprising entertainment – Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube. 

We tapped into their discovery mindset, made tutorial content entertaining and helped users and non-users alike unlock all the epic possibilities of the S23. From using 100X ZOOM to play hide and seek, to using Text Capture to survive the world’s longest Wifi Password, each part of the Epic User Manual gives you a new and exciting way to make the most of the Galaxy S23. 

We also co-created these manuals with creators like Caleb Natale, Lea Sabban, Ben Treat, Izhan Ahmed, Bulut Sahin, Blake Stafford who are part of Samsung Galaxy team making these films more social native. 

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