Be A‘Dam Local
Amsterdam hosts encourage visitors to respect and get the most out of the city they love


Amsterdam welcomes around 18 million visitors each year, with this due to swell to more than 25 million by 2025; unsurprisingly, tourism is a hot topic. Airbnb understands that it has a responsibility not only to ensure thousands of its hosts are heard within this ongoing conversation, but also to the city itself.

We created a city-wide campaign featuring Airbnb hosts welcoming guests to Amsterdam and encouraging them to be good neighbors to Amsterdammers during their stay. For local hosts, being ‘A’Dam Local’ is as much about experiencing the lesser known parts of the city and shopping at nearby markets, as it is about bike safety and respectful behavior.

Every aspect of the campaign was been driven by seven real Amsterdam hosts. From the handwritten letters to posters to out-of-home executions shot by Coco Olakunle (who hosts in the Jordaan), which targeted guests with advice from hosts on how to live like ‘A’Dam Local’.

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