ANNO 117: Pax Romana
An invitation for gamers to build the Roman Empire

Ubisoft, 2024

To tease the Roman Empire era of Anno – Ubisoft’s flagship strategy game – and galvanize fans and the gaming community, we created a trailer featuring a Town Crier inviting a new age of Governors to build their empire. We then went on to launch a social activation celebrating fans who had correctly predicted Anno’s long-awaited Roman setting, which saw the Town Crier make a return to deliver a special message just for them…

After 25 years and 7 installments, Anno has already solidified its position as a premier builder game, but wanted to introduce this new era in an epic way that connected both with its loyal community as well as new players. Following its first ever brand purpose to ‘cultivate the joy of building’ we wanted to showcase key elements of the game in an entertaining and unexpected manner, turning away from the conventional codes of the strategy gaming community. 

Firstly, we created a reveal trailer delivering the announcement the same way they used to in Ancient Rome – through an iconic Town Crier who proclaims the role of the player as Governor. Designed as an ode to the Builder mindset, the 60-second film – launched at Ubisoft Forward ‘24 – only features vast empty lands, from fields to marshes, leaving room for the imagination of players. It is an invitation for all builders to join in and make this world their own – a proposition that both loyal fans and new players can relate to.

To drive even more excitement around the announcement we launched the Scroll of Fame on YouTube featuring the Town Crier reading comments from fans who correctly predicted Anno’s long-awaited Roman setting. The Town Crier’s individual response videos were also featured on Reddit, Discord, and X. To further salute the Annoholics’ unwavering faith, he responded to 117 fans across all social platforms who had been begging for Rome for the last five years. Each fan was immortalized on the Anno Union in an endless scroll.

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