All For One
Easter tastes better together


Easter is a joyous occasion where kids buoyantly run around collecting colorful eggs in sheer serenity against the backdrop of picturesque rolling hills. At least that’s what grownups see. For the younger folk, it’s a totally different story. It’s a competition. A fierce rivalry between kids to see who can amass the biggest chocolate treasure.

Our film for Milka, ‘All For One’, follows three kids as they go head-to-head to see who will go home with a basket full of chocolate goodness. Relentlessly seeking, sliding and nabbing every multicolored egg in their sight. But their selfishness results in the loss of one highly prized Milka Easter Bunny. It’s in this moment that they realize what Easter is truly about.

The film was at the heart of the pan-European ‘Easter Tastes Better Together’ campaign, which also included digital and social content and OOH executions.

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