Headbob Hill
Global campaign celebrates the feeling that a pair of Ray-Bans give you

Ray-Ban, 2020

In our first round of work for the iconic sunglasses brand, we celebrated the feeling that a pair of Ray-Bans give you. You feel you’re at your best, set to max-you mode, and ready to deal with whatever comes your way.

We put a face to that feeling on social and out-of-home through a series of characters in their element, Ray-ban’s on, doing what they do best: being themselves.

While in the 30-second film, shot by Fredrik Bond, we showed the power of such confidence, through a modern interpretation of David and Goliath. David being a posse of Ray-Ban-clad characters in a car that’s totally kaput. Goliath being a hill. Against physics and logic the fierce fivesome crank up the cassette player and bob their heads forward to the beat. Unce after unce, inch by inch, they lurch their way over the hill and resume their journey to wherever the other side will take them.

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